Protandim is a powerful antioxidant produced by Live Vantage. It is a blend of milk thistle, turmeric, green tea, bacopa, and ashwagandha. Oxidative stress is brought on by the accumulation of free radicals. Free radicals are generated as a natural biproduct of our metabolic process. However we are also bombarded by external free radicals on a daily basis. Computers, benzine chemicals, positive ions, and chemicals used to refurnish furniture are just a few of the many sources of oxidative stress causing free radicals. Over time the build up of oxidative stress leaves feeling drained and run down. It is important to maintain low levels of antioxidants to lead healthier lives. Protandim has been shown to be affective in alleviating symptoms in patients who live with Parkinson's Disease. It is an ideal addition to any supplement regimen for improving longevity, as well as an excellent place to start for anyone just beginning to supplement their diets for better health. Protandim is an exclusive supplement. While it is not regulated by prescription, patients are required to obtain Protandim through a doctor's office. Call my office to order and begin your supplementation with Protandim.

Regarding the controversial reputation for Protandim:

The ingredients found in the product are proven to be beneficial on their own. Protandim is a multi-supplment, much like ZMA, a combination of Zinc monomethionine and aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate, geared specifically towards providing anti-oxidant health benefits. The ingredients in Protandim are highly effective and while everyone reacts to supplements differently, sure to be effective.

In addition Protandim has, as a commercial product, developed an ill deserved reputation of MLM to promote sales, mostly on the part of its own marketing team. This has nothing to do with the efficacy of Protandim as a health supplement. In addition obtaining Protandim from a physician, such as myself, is not in line with what a MLM sales formula essentially is. New salesmen are created at any transaction in a multilevel marketing plan. This is not the case if you purchase Protandim from us. We are distributing it as we do any other supplement, such as vitamins from PhysioLogics. We intend for you to experience the health benefits of Protandim by eating it yourself, not go out and sell it. In fact we do not sell it in any quantities which would be of use for commercial resale. If you wish to sell Protandim yourself, you may contact the company and become a distributer. Which again is not in line with any qualities or requirements, intrinsic to or necessary to be considered MLM, thus fully dispelling the notion and worry of MLM. That is a simple matter of selling a product made by a company to people are interested in purchasing it.

Protandim is an excellent supplement, especially for its anti-oxidant properties. 

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