Aerolase YAG and Erbium Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments at Obecano are varied as they are used for many different procedures. These procedures are listed below. This laser is virtually painless. Patients may feel slight "bursts" of heat in some areas while some areas give no feeling at all during treatment. Treatment sessions also vary in length depending on what is to be treated. 

We utilize the top of the line Yag and Erbium Lasers from Aerolase to treat all our patients. Yag laser is used for any treatments which require deeper laser penetration such as hair removal or moles. We use the Erbium laser for any treatments which are closer to the surface and for resurfacing the skin after using the Yag Laser.

Both treatments are very gentle and many patients describe the experience the experience as pleasurable.

In addition, the cost is $125 for every 15 minutes of treatment. The number of sessions needed as well as length per session is evaluated during the preliminary consultation done by Dr. Dziedzic.  

These consult will address any questions or concerns you may have before treatment begins.


  1. Pain Free Hair Removal
  2. Ingrown Hair reduction
  3. Skin Resurfacing
  4. Minor or deep wrinkles
  5. Lesions & age spots
  6. Acne scars
  7. Acne
  8. Rosacea
  9. Spider Veins
  10. Leg veins
  11. Moles
  12. Tattoo reduction
  13. Skin Tightening
  14. Sun Damage Reversal
  15. Melasma
  16. Vaginal Rejuvenation

For sample photographs of how successful each different type of treatment was, please call us or simply stop by the office. 


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