In our practice, you will find a wide variety of procedures and treatments to cure and prevent physical health and well-being issues you may experience. Our staff of professional and highly trained individuals ensure consistent and lasting success as we address any concerns our patients are facing. At Obecano, we recognize each of the following pillars as fundamental elements for improving your quality of life:


Mirror Looking good – In order to like ourselves, we need to feel great in our own skin.
Smile Being happy – Consistent care for our mental state is key to our overall health.
Bed Sleeping well – 7-8 hrs of natural, uninterrupted sleep translates to an energized and fulfilling day.
Fork and Knife Eating well – Healthy and mindful eating provides the ultimate medicine for our bodies.
Broom Detox – Maintain a “clean engine” by purging our system of its unhealthy toxins.
Weight Loss Weight loss – Find your ideal weight, with a tool like the HCG boost, and keep it off.
Running Activity – A sustainable program of exercise keeps your body functioning at its optimal level.
Cardiac Cardiac health – Take control of your longevity with preventative tools like periodic lab monitoring and supplements.
Hearts Sexual health – Maintaining a satisfying intimate lifestyle works to bring the rest of your health to its climax too!

About Our Practice

In our practice we seek to prevent disease, prolong life and make it a good one! This encompasses every aspect of life, from looking young, to feeling great. When a patient comes to us with a medical condition, we work diligently to reverse it and prevent its recurrence. No problem is too big or small to address. In the process, we get to know each other well, because there is nothing more personal and important than living a happy, healthy life.


Procedures & Treatments

The attention we give to our medical health is key to achieving the happy longevity we all strive for. At Obecano, we offer a comprehensive set of medical treatments to help you discover your body’s balance and ensure that you feel great in your own skin.

When deciding which medical treatment is right for you, Dr. Dziedzic will work closely with you to:

  • Evaluate your symptoms and overall health
  • Discuss your concerns and preferences
  • Decide on a treatment plan that fits your individual needs


What Our Patients Say

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